Saturday, August 29, 2009



So it’s homecoming weekend and you’re a student at Georgetown, or maybe a returning alumnus – good on you – or maybe you’re just some guy whose friends went to Georgetown, and you lied about your name and bought a cap & gown and walked at graduation in 2007 and somehow people seem to remember you more than that weirdo they made out with freshman year when they got drunk instead of doing their Problem of God homework… whoever you are, it’s homecoming weekend and you’re looking for something INCREDIBLE to do…

Sure, there are a few delinquent get-togethers here and there… but the kegs are all tapped, the music is being played on someone’s laptop speakers, the floors are sticky, every time you look around to make a connection all you see is a bunch of idiots texting on their iPhones, no one is dancing, and you come to realize that the big night you’ve been waiting for is starting to flatline…


This is a PARTY – the good kind – pure and simple.

Anyone who wants to show up and look around pretending to be bored or unimpressed can suck a big fat one. We’ve come to play: to laugh and dance and make noise and be drunk and merry and maybe cause a little bit of mischief. And who gives a shit if you look stupid? And who gives a shit if someone calls DOPS? I don’t. We’ve got a fucking BOOMBOX for God’s sake. What else do you need to know?

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